Code & Craft is revolutionizing the way fashion and retail industries sell and showcase products around the world by producing photorealistic content that can be rendered in VR, AR and Web 3D experiences.

"We are die hard believers in the potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality but recognize that the biggest challenge to overcome is access to high-quality content at scale, especially for industries that don’t have experience working in 3D, which is why we developed an end-to-end solution to lower the barrier to entry for companies that want to tap into the potential of this new exciting medium" - Gwan Yip, CEO | Co-Founder

~ Our process ~


Photorealistic scanning service

Code & Craft’s proprietary automated internal photorealistic service leverages proven systems and workflow from the movie and AAA gaming industry to produce 3D content at scale.


VR, AR and Web Solutions for 3D content

With over 30 years experience working in the web, mobile, e-Commerce and AR industries, the Code & Craft team have the experience to ideate and execute innovative ideas that produce the user friendly immersive experiences that deliver actual value to the end user.

Accessible Immersion is a term the Code & Craft team created and is constantly referencing as they work with their customers to create the type of experiences across platforms that focus on producing measurable value.


CMS and Analytics platform

Content is accessed via Code & Craft's 3D Content Management System that can easily integrate to web modules and applications via  APIs.

Partners also have access to Code & Craft's proprietary  Analytics Platform that shuttles and stores user interaction data.

~ Partners ~

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Code & Craft's AR Product Catalog Powers Next-Gen Fashion Experiences



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